Grandmaster Wong demonstrating a tiger-tail kick in the 1970s

Yang was still lying on bed, apparently trying to recapture the rosy journey he just had. It was simply wonderful beyond words.

"You are really a horse, a wild horse!" Miss Lin jested adorably.

"And you are a fox, a fragrant fox!"

Before he finished the sentence, Yang had already sprung up, and in lightning speed applied his right hand in the Shaolin tiger-claw technique at Miss Lin's face, as if to pull off the skin-mask she was wearing.

Astonishingly, Miss Lin's response was instantaneous. She did not exclaim anything, nor show surprise, but just as the tiger-claw was about to reach her face, she slapped her left palm upwards at Yang's right elbow-joint from below, thus indirectly warding off the claw.

Presently, Yang's other tiger-claw was coming at her face. She did not block. Instead she turned round, dropped her body forward, and stooped with only her slightly bent right leg, while her left leg thrust out a tiger-tail kick at Yang's lower body.

An excellent counter, Yang thought to himself, as he jumped back to avoid the tiger-tail kick. This counter-technique was excellent because not only she could avoid Yang's attack and simultaneously counter-attack in return, she could also, by stooping forward with one leg, free herself from the stool she was sitting on.

But the tiger-tail kick was a feint attack. Just as Yang jumped back, Miss Lin shot forward in the other direction, towards the window, breaking through the paper-pane to disappear from sight. Yang sped to the window, and only then he remembered that he was still undressed. What a joke, what an interesting joke at the wrong time! He burst out laughing.

By the time he dressed up, he knew he could never catch up with Miss Lin.

"But the accomplice, the elderly lady who opened the door for me, may still be around," he smiled to himself.


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