Foong Sai Yuk

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Both Fong Tuck and Miu Chooi Fa loved their son, Fong Sai Yuk, very much.

Under the supervision of his mother, at the age of 3 Fong Sai Yuk wore an iron helmet and steel shoes to run and jump about. At 5 he practiced zhan zhuang (or stance training). At 6 he began fists and kicks (i.e. unarmed kungfu). At 7 he learned formations (i.e. poles driven onto the ground to form certain formations). At 8 he could perform well on Plum Flower Formation. By the time he was 11 he learned all the 18 weapons.

Now Fong Sai Yuk was 15 years of age. His two elder brothers, Fong How Yuk and Fong Mei Yuk, had completed their studies at the Shaolin Monastery and returned home. Together the three brothers had the bones of kungfu knights and the gall-bladder of righteousness. (Kungfu knights were chivalrous and excellent in kungfu. In Chinese those who are brave are colloquially regarded as having big gall-bladders.)

But Fong Tuck was concerned. As Fong Sai Yuk was still young, his father was concerned that Fong Sai Yuk might cause trouble. So wherever Fong Tuck went, he always had his son by his side.

Extreme silence created motion. Having been in his house for too long, Fong Tuck wanted to go traveling for awhile. So one day he said to his wife, Miu Chooi Fa, “I’m thinking of visiting Hangzhou to see some old friends. Regarding Sai Yuk, I shall bring him with me, so that you won’t have to worry.”

A few days later, Fong Tuck and his son, Sai Yuk, left their home towards Hangzhou. Never did he realize that this trip would forever make his son famous.

When they reached Hangzhou, they first visited Guangdong Association to see his old friend, Chan Yuk Shi.

As soon as he entered the association, Fong Tuck realized that something was terribly wrong. There were about 20 tablets addressed to the dead, and monks recited sutras to lead their souls. He asked someone to see his old friend, Chan Yuk Shi.

Chan Yuk Shi hurriedly came out from an inner hall. When asked, Chan Yuk Shi replied, “Borther Fong, you have just arrived at Hangzhou. You probably do not know what we have gone through.” He then invited Fong Tuck to a room and explained everything clearly to him.

Fong Tuck and Chan Yuk Shi sighed sadly. But at a side, Fong Sai Yuk angrily banged a table and interjected, “Papa, don’t you worry. Tomorrow I shall go and take Looi Hoong’s life to avenge the dead.”

“You haven’t dried sucking milk (which means you are still a child). How dare you say such big words in front of elders! Quickly retreat,” Fong Tuck commanded.

Fong Tuck then spoke to Chan Yuk Shi, “My little child doesn’t know manners. Please forgive him.”

Chan Yuk Shi replied smilingly, “You and I are old friends of many years. You need not be so courteous. But if young brother can say such noble words, he must be well versed in martial arts. Otherwise, he is only 15, how can he speak in such a way.”

“Yes, this boy knows some martial arts. His ability is taught by my inner woman (i.e. wife). After training for 10 and more years, his martial art is not below that of Chooi Fa. But his nature is too forceful. I’m worried that he may cause trouble. Luckily he is still afraid of me. Even when his fire is burning (i.e when he is angry), if I scold him just once, he will not dare to move.

“This time I bring him along is because I cannot let my heart down (i.e. I am concerned). So I keep him by my side. Just now, after hearing your explanation his fiery nature relapses. Luckily I am around. Otherwise, I don’t know what big mess he may create.”

Hearing Fong Tuck’s words, Chan Yuk Shi remained silent.

That afternoon, to be sure Fong Tuck locked Sai Yuk in a room. Fong Sai Yuk rethought what Chan Yuk Shi had said. Looi Hoong was an animal in human’s clothing. Without killing him, it would not satisfy Fong Sai Yuk’s anger. He thrust out his right palm and chipped off a corner of a table.

Fong Sai Yuk said to himself, “I am also a Cantonese. Insulting Cantonese is insulting me. If I do not know kungfu, I can’t do anything. But my kungfu is deep and sublime. How can I just sit to allow such a great insult to my clan?”

Thinking of this, anger rose from his chest, and cannot be dispersed. He took an iron ruler (which was a weapon like a trident) with him, and put on an outer coat. He then looked around to see if he could escape.

Observing awhile, he noticed that there was a window behind his bed that could lead outside. He climbed up his bed to look outwards. He was pleased to find the ground not more than 10 feet from him. He broke down some iron bars at the window and jumped down. He tidied his dress then rushed towards Pure Ball Gate where the lei-tai was located.

Wong Kiew Kit,
8th January 2018, Sungai Petani



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