Multiple Attack with Weapons

Single against multiple attack with weapons

The next day Wu Wei Thin went to a lantern shop and asked the owner to make 5 big lanterns with the words “Wu Wei Thien Particularly Strike Cloth-Making Workers”. The owner did not want to invite trouble for himself, and declined his offer.

Wu Wei Thien understood the difficulty of the owner, so he used big money to invite three of the shop’s workers to West Zen Temple to make these lanterns.

When the lanterns were ready, he happily said to Sam Tuck and the others, “Tonight is the time for my taking revenge. Not only I can take revenge, I can also vibrate to the world the reputation of Shaolin. I request the help of my sihengs.”

Every one nodded his head to agree.

They hung the lanterns outside the temple wall. The brightness of the lanterns clearly revealed the wordings: Wu Wei Thien Particularly Strike Cloth-Making Workers.

Passers-by were very surprised. Everyone knew that Kei Fong Chai, or cloth-making workers, were great bullies in the area. No one dared to disturb them. Yet tonight there was someone who particularly struck these bullies. So the news soon spread to all roads and lanes of Guangzhou. There were also many people standing quite far from West Zen Temple to watch what would happen.

The news of course reached the ears of cloth-making workers at Kam Loon Thong, or Hall of Fine Cloth, the association for cloth-making workers. When they heard the news, they were very angry. They regarded this as a great insult to cloth-making workers, and decided to punish whoever started this insult, otherwise all the glory of cloth-making workers would vanish.

They had forgotten a person called Wu Wei Thien and the murder of his father. They had killed and injured hundreds of people. Who would remember such a name? Hence, they gathered more than 60 people, all armed with knives and sticks, and advanced towards Xi Chan Si, or West Zen Temple.

When they reached the temple, they found bright lanterns showing clearly the words “Wu Wei Thien Particularly Strike Cloth-Making Workers”, as reported in the news. They wanted to tear off the lanterns, then marched into the temple to look for Wu Wei Thien.

As they neared the temple, they found a young man leaning against the gate. “Let us kill him before rushing into the temple,” some said.

Wu Wei Thien saw the crowd approaching. He took a staff and announced.

“Until now you offer your death. It is already late and I, Wu Wei Thien, have waited a long time and have become impatient.”

Hearing that he was Wu Wei Thien, the cloth-making workers rushed towards him, wanting to hit him into a mass of flesh.

Wu Wei Thein’s vengeance had resided in his heart for a long time. Now he had a change to release it. Every attack of his staff was aimed at a vital point. A lot of people were injured and fell down.

In a few moments there were seven or eight persons on the ground. But all these cloth-making workers were trained in kungfu, and were known for their fighting. Every time when there was a fight, they discarded life and death. Although there were a few of them injured on the ground, they were not alarmed. Instead, they rushed bravely forward.

Seeing their bravado, the intention to kill arose in Wu Wei Thien’s heart. His vengeance in his heart for eight years was released. His staff was like wind. Blood and flesh flew everywhere. A lot of the cloth-making workers were hit. Injured bodies and 13 dead bodies were laid everywhere on the street of the temple.

The remaining cloth-making workers knew that Wu Wei Thien was not an ordinary person. The leader loudly shouted and led the remaining workers to flee.

Wu Wei Thien examined the dead. He sighed, “Heaven did not help me. Chiew Thien did not die under my staff.” Then we walked into the temple.

Those who watched the fight from afar were jumping with joy. They regarded Wu Wei Thien like a god sent from heaven to remove the suffering of the people.

Wong Kiew Kit,
10th January 2018, Sungai Petani



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