Flower Set

A marvelous combat sequence from the Flower Set

While Sam Tuck and the others were discussing how to solve the problems created by Wu Wei Thien, a monk came in to report that he found a notice at the temple wall.

They went out to investigate and found the notice which generally mentioned that Kam Loon Thong, or the Association for Cloth-Making Workers, was bullied by Wu Wei Thien, and now a righteous person, Lu Yin Pou, had decided to challenge Wu Wei Thien on a lei-tai so as to right the wrong suffered by all cloth-making workers. If Wu Wei Thien considered himself a man, he would meet Lu Yin Pou the next day on a lei-tai at Water and Moon Stage.

Everyone was concerned. Wu Wei Thien said, “Sihengs, don’t worry. Lu Yin Pou does not have three heads, six arms and a Vajra King with a non-damageable body. I am not afraid of him. Even if I lose to him, when this rice-eating fellow submits himself away, it is the action of a hero, much better than knocking his head to an old buffalo.”

Hearing his valour, the others nodded their head. Cheah Fook said, “Really heroes come from youths. When I was twenty six or twenty seven, I also had similar blood and energy (i.e. I was as full of valour). Well said, We’ll support you tomorrow.”

The next day Wu Wei Thien, Leong Zong, Li Yuk Loon and Cheah Fook left the temple for Water and Moon Stage. The lei-tai was seriously guarded. There were cloth-making workers all round the lei-tai, all rolled up their sleeves and tightened their waist.

Gongs sounded loudly. Lu Yin Pou walked proudly to the front of the lei-tai and greeted the spectators. He was full of valour, like a mountain, with a leopard’s head and a tiger’s neck, and his eyes shone brightly with light.

He said, “I am Lu Yin Pou to meet Wu Wei Thien. There are two reasons why I set up this lei-tai today. Firstly, I want to avenge the death of my sidai Ngow Fa Kow. Secondly, I want to right the wrong done to cloth-making workers. I do not desire any reputation or benefits. Heaven be my witness.”

His voice was like that of a ringing bell. Then he sat on a huge chair like a tiger ready to spring forward or a dragon hovering in the air. Every spectator was fearful and changed colour. Sounds of praises were heard.

From the crowd Wu Wei Thien jumped up like a huge bird and landed in front of the lei-tai, or stage for deadly kungfu combat. Many spectators clapped and cheered.

Lu Yin Pou laughed lengthily, slowly raise form his chair and said, “Wu Wei Thien, it’s good you are here, it’s good you are here.”

He said those words effortlessly, but the spectators beneath the lei-tai felt deafened by the vibration of his voice. Wu Wei Thien was alarmed. He knew that the internal force of his opponent was tremendous.

After waiting for Wu Wei Thien to steady himself, Lu Yin Pou moved forward with his left palm to execute a chop at Wu Wei Thien’s collar, employing the pattern “Singly Chop the Hua Mountain”.

Wu Wei Thin warded off the attack with his hand, and immediately felt half his body numb. Lu Yin Pou did not wait for Wu Wei Thien to counter, and executed another chop, this time with his right palm. Wu Wei Thien dared not meet with force, and shifted his body to a side to avoid. Immediately he counter-attacked with “Technique of Pakua Palms” to strike Lu Yin Pou’s body, fast like rapid wind and pouring rain.

Lu Yin Pou move back a few steps to avoid the attack. Wu Wei Thien swiftly moved forward with a thrust punch. Lu Yin Pou lowered his body and swept Wu Wei Thien’s front leg with the pattern “Old Tree with Roots”. Wu Wei Thien quickly changed his front leg into back leg and countered with ”Thousand Tons to Ground”, striking at Lu Yin Pou’s head.

Lu Yin Pou move his head away to avoid the strike and simultaneously kicked at Wu Wei Thien’s ribs while his right hand attacked the opponent’s eye, using “Yellow Bird Drinks Water”. Wu Wei Thien moved away with “Dark Dragon Wags Tail” to hang his fist at Lu Yin Pou’s leg and at the same time avoided Lu Yin Pou’s top attack at his eyes.

The two combatants exchanged many encounters and no one had any advantage over the other. Wu Wei Thien thought to himself. If he carried on like this, Lu Yin Pou would win because of his strength and stamina. So he decided to use his specialty, the Flower Set.

As Lu Yin Pou attacked, Wu Wei Thein brushed away the attack with his circular hand, and adroitly moved to the back of his opponent and executed a leopard punch. Lu Yin Pou was shocked, and quickly turned around to sweep at the leopard punch.

But the leopard punch, if the opponent succeeded in countering, was a feign move. Instantly Wu Wei Thien changed his leopard punch into hanging fist hitting Lu Yin Pou’s head, and immediately Wu Wei Thien kicked at Lu Yin Pou’s lower body. Lu Yin Pou could not avoid the two continuous attacks, and fell down on the lei-tai dead.

The cloth-making workers were stunned. Wu Wei Thien jumped down from the lei-tai and walk away with Leong Zong, Li Yuk Loon and Cheah Fook.

Wong Kiew Kit,
11th January 2018, Sungai Petani



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