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An Intensive Chi Kung Course where participants learn high-level chi kung for good health, vitality, longevity, mental clarity and spiritual joys irrespective of religion

Listed below are some of many real-life cases of remarkable recovery of people who have practised qigong from Sifu Wong Kiew Kit. For ethical reasons, only their initials are mentioned. These are Sifu Wong's early students who learned at regular classes before the higher level Intensive Courses were taught.


C.T.S. Male. Aged 15. Student.

Had asthma since aged 5. Whenever the weather was cold, he slept with windows open, or drank iced water, asthmatic attacks occurred. Illness cured after practising qigong for about 5 weeks.


J. M. Female. Aged 48. Businesswoman.

Suffered from cancer of the kidney, and spine injury. After practising qigong for about three months, her spine improved tremendously. A medical test a few months later showed that her cancer was cured! Her doctors said this was impossible.

Cold Hands and Feet

T.S.F. Female. Aged 32. Housewife.

Hands and feet constantly cold, sometimes white. Felt week. Had consulted numerous doctors, but all of them said patient was clinically healthy. After practising qigong for 6 months, symptoms gradually disappeared and she felt healthy.


M.W. Female. Aged 42. Business.

Had diabetes for many years. Had been constantly told that diabetes was an incurable disease. Took pills every day as supportive medicine. Reduced pills gradually as she practised qigong. Diabetes cured after about ten months' practice. Numerous subsequent tests show negative result even though she had stopped taking pills.


L.K.Y. Male. Aged 56. Lorry Driver.

Suffered from gastritis and many other organic disorders for thirty years. "Have seen all the doctors I could ever find." Went to the extent of taking opium to numb his various pains. All his disorders gradually disappeared after practising qigong for about 6 months. Convinced that qigong has saved his life and agony. Continues to practise qigong diligently, and now has developed psychic powers.

Heart Problem

C.Y.J. Female. Aged 43. Teacher.

Suffered from almost a dozen organic disorders, including heart and kidney problems, gastritis, rheumatism and anaemia. Her illnesses gradually disappeared one by one as she ardently practised qigong to save her own life. Felt very grateful to her instructors, and has contributed generously to the qigong cause.

Hemorrhoids (Piles)

L.Y.H. Male. Aged 27. Businessman.

Suffered from hemorrhoids for many years. Painful and bleeding. Considered surgical operation, but was told that even surgery might not be a permanent cure. Practised qigong for about 4 months, and hemorrhoids disappeared. No relapse so far.


T.T.S. Male. Aged 33. Medical doctor (trained in the western tradition).

Suffered from hypertension since his university's days. Said that hypertension cannot be cured by any known Western method. Took drugs every day to control his blood pressure. Practised qigong, and had his blood pressure reduced to normal in 2 weeks! His recovery rate is exceptionally fast. Most people take 3 to 6 months to recover. Hypertension is one of the illnesses that response very well to qigong therapy.


B.S. Female. Aged 41. Secretary.

Had been taking sleeping pills nightly for the last 4 years. Recovered from her insomnia and threw away her pills after only 2 weeks' practice. She said she never had such sweet sleep since a very long time ago. Insomnia is another illness that responses extremely well to qigong therapy. The average time for recovery is a month.

Internal Injury

N.U. Male. Aged 32. Odd Jobs.

Face pale, eyes yellowish and pulse feeble. Felt sever pain inside his body. Had spent thousands of dollars in medical centres, but doctors could not diagnose anything wrong with him. Told him that he overstrained himself and ordered him to rest. Later he vomited blood. Qigong diagnosis showed that his meridians were clogged and he had severe internal injury. He recovered after about 2 weeks of qigong treatment.

Kidney Failure

T.L.C. Male. Aged 40. Unemployed.

Face and body became swollen at regular intervals. Sever pain. Could not afford expensive medicine for kidney treatment. His friends predicted that he had less than a month to live. We offered to teach him qigong free, and channelled our qi into him to nourish his kidneys. He recovered in 9 months. He was so grateful that he asked a newspaper to publish his story.


J.L. Male. Aged 43. Businessman.

Suffered from migraine, peptic ulcer and other disorders for more than 10 years. Specialists told him that there was no cure for his various disorders, and that he had to live with pills everyday. His migraine disappeared after about 5 months of qigong practice, followed soon by other disorders. He reported that his temperament and his family life also improved tremendously.

Manic Depression

L.K.L. Female. Aged 56. Business.

She suffered from half a dozen illnesses, the more serious of which were manic depression, heart problem and insomnia. She had thought of suicide a few times to end her suffering. After practising qigong for a year, when she had recovered from her illnesses one by one, she became a different person, with care and warmth for others. Now she has developed some special extraordinary abilities.


T.Y.H. Female. Aged 50. Hawker.

Suffered from rheumatic pains for more than 10 years. When the pain was sever, she could not even walk up her stairs. After practising qigong for 6 months, she was not only relieved of her rheumatism, but she became more energetic and cheerful in her work. She said that her qigong course was worth a thousand times more than what she had paid for.

Sexual Inadequacy

P.H.C. Male. Aged 31. Sub-contractor.

Sperm seeped out almost every night. He became very dull and weak. He had spent a lot of money in hospitals but the specialists could not cure him. After the third month of qigong training, things started to improve. He recovered after the eighth month. He is now full of vitality and has an enjoyable sex life.


M.K.L. Male. Aged 58. Retired Officer.

Suffered from sinusitis for more than 10 years. Had to carry smelling salt with him all the time. Had difficulty of breathing at night, especially when the weather was cold. He was about to go for a nose operation when he decided to give qigong a try. He was cured of his sinusitis after 6 months' practice of qigong.


K.F.C. Male. Aged 60. Shop Assistant.

He had ulcer of the duodenum, and had been advised by doctors thrice to undergo surgical operation. He refused because there was no guarantee that his ulcer would not relapse after surgery. So he had to survive on supportive medicine for more than 20 years, until he practised qigong. After 3 months he started to phrase out his supportive medicine, and after 6 months he completely stopped taking drugs. Now he is completely cured and there has been no relapse except one minor attack. He continuously praises qigong for its effectiveness.


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