Shaolin Tantui

A Tantui combat sequence

Tantui is the essence of Northern Shaolin, and is famous for kicks. These Northern Shaolin kicks are different form kicks in Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Kick-Boxing. Shaolin kicks are purposely inconspicuous. If one just looks at the forms, without knowing the application, he may not even realize the kicks! The Tantui combat sequences here were taught by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit at the UK Summer Camp in 2007.

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  1. Tantui Combat Sequence 1 -- Second Brother Offers Wine
  2. Tantui Combat Sequence 2 -- Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger
  3. Tantui Combat Sqwuence 3 -- Second Brother Chops Firewood
  4. Tantui Combat Sewuence 4 -- Green Dragon Exhibits Tail
  5. Tantui Combat Sewuence 5 -- Cross-Road Lift Strike
  6. Tantui Combat Sewuence 6 -- Embrace Moon in Bosom
  7. Tantui Combat Sewuence 7 -- Single Strike Bell Sounds
  8. Tantui Combat Sewuence 8 -- Shoot Spear at Yun Pavilon
  9. Tantui Combat Sewuence 9 -- Second Brother Breaks Lock
  10. Tantui Combat Sewuence 10 -- Swallow Flies through Clouds
  11. Tantui Combat Sewuence 11 -- Arrest Horse at Cliff
  12. Tantui Combat Sewuence 12 -- Turn Body Strike Rock

Twelve Combat Sequences of Tantui -- Canterbury
Tantui -- the Essence of Northern Shaolin


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