Shaolin Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong performing a pattern from Essence of Shaolin

The "Essence of Shaolin" is a rare and prestigious set. It was taught by a master who knew the set to his chosen successor. But Grandmaster Wong has decided to teach this set to invited instructors and special students whom he hopes will transmit the teaching and philosophy of Shaolin Wahnam.

As many participants are expected to attend this once-in-a-life-time course, two sessions of the same course are scheduled, with a course on Small and Big Universe, which is also by invitation only, in between so that those who also wish to take part in the Small and Big Universe course may do so. Those who practice other styles of kungfu in our school, like Taijiquan, can also practice the Essence of Shaolin. The course fee is 1800 euros.

Course participants to the Essence of Shaolin course need to attend only the 1st Session or the 2nd Session.

Those who attend the course should know the Essence of Shaolin set well. Video presentation of the set can be accessed here and the picture series here.

There will be a combat sequence for each of the patterns of the set, making 108 sequences altogether. Videos of the combat sequences will be given to course participants.

If you are invited and if you wish to attend the course, please apply early to the Shaolin Wahnam Secretary stating whether you wish to attend Session 1 or Session 2, and the dates you wish to stay in Copthorne Orchid Hotel, Penang, where the course will be held. The secretary will confirm your application.

Please take note that December is a very busy month in Penang, and hotels are usually fully booked. In fact, the morning of 17th December 2017 in the 2nd Session as well as other Sunday mornings have been booked by someone else, so we have to change the morning session from 8-10 am to the afternoon from 3-7 pm, including its original afternoon practice..


Video of Set
Picture Series of Set