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Sinew Metamorphosis 18 Oct 2015 Melbourne from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

The twelve Sinew Metamorphosis exercises are

  1. Flicking Fingers or Golden Dragon Taps on Ground
  2. Flexing Fingers or Sacred Tree Grows Branches
  3. Grasping thumb or Hiding Gold in fist
  4. Grasping Fist or Lohan Ties Belt
  5. Stretch Up or Lohan Reaching for the Sky
  6. Pulling Up or Lohan Emerges from Water
  7. Jerking Elbows or Immortal Plays with Bamboo
  8. Rotating Elbows or Lohan Rubs Eyes
  9. Stretching Arms or Lohan Carries Mountain
  10. Holding Arms or Lohan Holding Bamboo
  11. Stretching Palms or Lohan Presents Blessings
  12. Carry Sun and Moon or Lohan Carries Sun and Moon


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