Shaolin chin-Na

Shaolin Chin-Na

Chin-na is the most advanced of the four categories of attack, namely striking, kicking, felling and chin-na. It needs just one movement to strike, two movements to kick, three to fell and four to apply a chin-na technique successful.

A chin-na exponent has to move in, cover his opponent, "chin" which is "hold", then "na" which is "grip". In other words, he has to complete four movements before an opponent can complete one. The opponent can neutralize or counter-attack the chin-na exponent before he can successfully complete four movements.

Besides his chin-na techniques, the exponent must have sufficient force, or else his chin-na techniques will not be effective. There are three main forms of attack, namely "fun kern" (Cantonese) or separating tendons, "chor jit" or wronging joints, and "na yuit" or gripping energy points.

The exponent also employs tactics and strategies. He may "follow through", tempt an opponent with false openings, or repeat his chin-na techniques two or three times to be effective.

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