Intensive Zen Course

Intensive Zen Course 2016 Ireland

The essence of Zen training, or training of the mind or spirit, can be performed in four main positions

  1. Standing
  2. Sitting
  3. Moving
  4. Lying Down
There are two approaches in the training of the mind or spirit, namely reduced to one or expanded to zero.

Reducing the mind to one can be accomplished by various techniques

  1. Focusing on one point outside the body
  2. Focusing on one point inside the body
  3. Reciting a mantra,part of a scripture, or a short phrase
  4. Focusing on the breath

When the mind is one-pointed, it can be expanded to zero. Attaining no mind or all mind is the highest achievement in both the mundane and the supra-mundane dimensions.

With mental clarity one can solve problems readily. It is very important to define the problem before attempting to solve it.

Whether a possible solution to a problem is bad, average or good depends on the following creteria

  1. Whether it is effective
  2. Whether it is beneficial
  3. Whether it is honorable
  4. Whether it involves much time
  5. Whether it involves much effort

We can give an impromptu speech readily using the following techniques

  1. Clear the mind of all thoughts
  2. Let the topics of the talk flow
  3. If needed, you can buy time by asking the audience an opioion or a question

You can capture the attention of your audience by

  1. Being beneficial
  2. Being humorous
  3. Approaching your speech from a fresh perspective

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