Sabah 2016 -- Day 3

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Spiritual Cultivation -- Expanding into the Cosmos from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Grandmaster Wong explained to the course participants the difference between the skill of entering into a chi kung state of mind, and the application of entering into a chi kung state of mind. For example, when learning to enter into a chi kung state of mind, one may learn the skills to 100%. But when applying this skill in daily practice, he may work at only 30%.

Grandmaster Wong told the class that in the next session they would need a lot of internal force, so he advised them to operate at 100% of the chi kung state of mind. Grandmaster Wong led students to expand into the Cosmos. After the session it was found that 60% of the class succeeded in this exceptionally high-level skill.

Grandmaster Wong explained that course participants learned the most basic to the highest skills. For convenience, these skills may be classified into three levels:

  1. Chi Kung for Overcoming Illness and Promoting Health, Vitality and Longevity
  2. Chi Kung for peak performance in everyday life
  3. Chi Kung for spiritual cultivattion, ranging from the basic to the highest
Students had practice sessions to review their chi kung skills, including regulating the speed of energy flow, and directing energy to massage their internal organs.



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