Sabah 2016 -- Day 1 Morning

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Entering Tao, Basic Stances and Waist Rotation of Intensive Taijiquan Course in Sabah 2016 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

From Wuji is originated Taii. This very important Taijiquan principle is often heard but seldom understood. Course participants had the opportunity to experience this principle at both the basic level and the highest level.

At the basic level, the course participants began with the Wuji Stance and generated an energy flow, poetically described as "flowing water floating clouds", which was the old term for Taijiquan, or Taiji Kungfu.

At the highest level, the course participants entered Tao, which is Wuji or the Great Void. It is incredible but more than 60% of the class expanded into the Cosmos and merged with Tao.

The course participants then learned the basic stances, and developed internal force. The important points of the Horse-Riding Stance, the Bow-Arrow Stance, the False-Leg Stance, the Single-Leg Stance and the Four-Six Stance were explained. They had an opportunity to experience spiral force. Students also performed the Art of Flexibility.

Using "Carrying the Cosmos", the course participants learned waist rotation, focusing on the crucial points of "starting with the back leg, rotating the waist, and completing at the hands".



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