Sabah 2016 -- Day 3 Morning

Pushing Hands is an ingenuous method in Taijiquan to train combat skills. However, many Taijiquan practitioners miss this important point and perform Pushing Hands in a routine, missing the purpose of practicing this ingenuous method.

There are two types of Pushing Hands, stationary and mobile. In this morning session of Day 3, students learned the skills of stationary Pushing Hands.

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Stationary Pushing Hands in Intensive Taijiquan Course in Sabah 2016 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

The following skills were developed in this morning of stationary Pushing Hands:

  1. To be relaxed in Pushing Hands
  2. To sense opponents''movements and intentions
  3. To follow opponents' momentum
  4. To generate an energy flow
  5. To develop internal force

If an opponent's attack was short-range, the exponent just warded off the attack without moving his body. If the attack was medium range, the exponent had to sink down his body without moving his legs.



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