Sabah 2016 -- Day 3 Afternoon

After developing skills from stationary Pushing Hands, students progressed to mobile Pushing Hands where various useful techniques are learnt.

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Mobile Pushing Hands at Intensive Taijiquan Course in Sabah 2016 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

If the attack is short range range, defend with the hands. If the attack is medium range, defend with the body. If the attack is long range, defend with the feet.

Here, students used long range attacks. There are five types of attack:

  1. Frontal glide forward.
  2. Frontal step forward.
  3. From the left side.
  4. From the right side.
  5. From the back.
There are three parts in the attack - the introduction, the body and the conclusion. All the parts must be performed well. When moving in to push, remember to cover the opponent adequately. The pushing must be performed as a smooth continuous flow from the moving in. After the push, the pattern must be picture-perfect. You should not be out of balance.

When defending against these attacks, remember to sink back besides moving the legs.

It is interesting to move to an opponent's back to attack him. When you can perform this movement well, you can move to an opponent's back quite easily to attack him in any suitable way. The defence against an opponent attacking from behind is also quite simple -- if you know how.



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