Sabah 2016 -- Day 5 Afternoon

Free sparring using Taijiquan techniques

On the afternoon of Day 5, course participantss completed the combat sequences 10 to 12, and apply a sequence for free sparring.

Combat Sequences 10 to 12 consist of the following:

  1. Shoulder Strike
  2. Cloud Hands
  3. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
The mantra of the footwork for the initiator and the responder is right-left, left-left.

Sequences 10 to 12 are linked together to form the set "Carry Tiger Back to Mountain".

The mantras for the 4 sets of 12 combat sequences are as follows:

    left-right, left-right
    left-left, right-right
    right-right, right-left right-left, left-left
Course participants composed their own combat sequence, and practiced it for about 5 minutes. then they were asked to practice the combat sequence again for another 5 minutes but with an imaginary opponent escaping their pressing attack and attacking them. The course participants made modifications against these attacks of their opponents, then continued their pressing attack.

It was found out that course participants using a Taijiquan combat sequence could easily beat their opponents using other martial arts. There were two main reasons. :

  1. The course participants were so fluent with their Taijiquan combat sequence that their opponent could only retreat.
  2. Other martial arts may not have techniques to counter the Taijiquan attacks.
However, if both combatants used Taijiquan, the sparring would be even, unless one was more skillful than the other.

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  1. Taijiquan Combat Sequences 10-12
  2. Free Sparring Using Taijiquan Techniques



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