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Special weapon Course 2016

It is incredible that course participants learned 8 weapons in 5 days what other people may take a few years to learn if they ever have the opportunity. Some of the weapons, like the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Guan Dao and the Taming Tiger Trident, are famous, and some, like the Traveling Dragon Crescent Moon Spear and the Three Sectional Soft Whip, are rare.

Some participants may not have learned the routines of the sets yet, but they can refer to the videos for continued learning. This is one of the benefits of modern facilities. But they must use the modern facilities as "servants" and not as "masters". They should learn the routines in a relatively short time, like 8 weeks, instead of depend on the videos for reference but never refer to them and never learn the routines.

More important than learning the routines of the weapon sets is the special features of the weapons, their philosophy and combat applications. Each weapon has its special features and philosophy which are different from those of other weapons. Some of the combat applications are sophisticated and subtle, applications that other practitioners may never have dreamed of. Working out the combat applications by the participants themselves, instead of being told by me was an invaluable and enjoyable experience itself. Some of the applications produced by the participants are marvelous.

Yet, the most important benefits are applying what have been learned at the course to daily life. Having attended the coruse, participants should find their lives enriched.

One outstanding benefit is to demonstrate that course participants are more capable than what they think they can do. Most people will find it impossible to learn 8 weapons in 5 days, but course participants have demonstrated that they can do it well.

Another benefit is turning problems into opportunities for improvement. We found the training hall on top of the training centre too hot in the afternoon, so we moved to a smaller air-conditioned hall downstairs. Not only we were more comfortable, we also learned an extra bonus to be extra careful not to hurt training partners or damage properties.

We also benefited much from the special features of the various weapons which we can apply to enrich our daily life. For example, from learning the staff, we learn to be compassionate; from learning the sabre, we learn to be courageous (which will be very helpful to those who are timid); from the sword, we become agile; fro the spear, we learn precision; from the guan dao, we learn to be assertive when necessary; from the crescent-moon spear, we become versatile; from the trident, we learn control; and from the soft whip, we become flowing.

With the benefits, we also enjoyed ourselves very much.

Gradmaster Wong Kiew Kit,
8th July 2016, Sungai Petani.

Day 1 Morning -- 2nd July 2018

  1. Learning the Flowing Water Staff
  2. Learning the Traveling Dragon Sword

Day 1 Afternoon -- 2nd July 2016

  1. Learning the Plum Flower Sabre
  2. Learning the Thirteen-Technique Spear

Flowing Water Staff Traveling Dragon Sword Plum Flower Sabre Thirteen-Technique Spear
Flowing Water Staff
Dragon Sword
Plum Flower Sabre
13-Technique Spear

Day 2 Morning -- 3rd July 2016

  1. Having Fun with Soft Whip
  2. Learning the Crescent-Moon Spear

Day 2 Afternoon -- 3rd July 2016

  1. Group Work on Applications of Sabre
  2. Group Work on Applications of Sword

Soft Whip Crescent-Moon 
Spear Plum Flower Sabre Application of Sword
Fun with Soft Whip
Crescent-Moon Spear
Application of Sabre
Application of Sword

Day 3 Morning -- 4th July 2016

  1. Learning the Rare Soft Whip
  2. Learning the Famous Guan Dao (1)

Day 3 Afternoon -- 4th July 2016

  1. Learning the Famous Guan Dao (2)
  2. Combat Application of the Guan Dao

Soft Whip Guan Dao Guan Dao Guan Dao
Learning Soft Whip
Guan Dao (1)
Guan Dao (2)
Guan Dao Combat

To be Continued


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