Practice the combat sequence at least 30 times every day for 3 months or until the UK Summer Camp.

There is a slight variation in the last pattern, "Carry Tiger Back to Mountain", using the right mode or the left mode.

In your practice you may perform one mode for some time, then the other mode, or you may perform the two modes alternatively.

If the opponent's right leg is in front, you use the right mode, i.e. you fell him with your right leg behind his legs as an anchor, and vice versa.

Please click the picture or the caption below to view the video

Sequence for Combat 2 -- Taijiquan from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Combat Sequence 1 Combat Sequence 1
1 White Snake Shoots Venom 2 Dodge then Extend Arm

Combat Sequence 1 Combat Sequence 1
3 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl 4 Cross-Hand Thrust Kick

Combat Sequence 1 Combat Sequence 1
5 Carry Tiger Back to Mountain 6 Planting Fist



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