Chi Kung in Indonesia

Hartono performing "Lifting the Sky"

Hartono Sarvono, the organizer of the Indonesian courses, performed the techniques of the respective courses in his hotel, Maxone, for the review of course participants. More important than the techniques are the skills of the respective courses, which were taught and transmitted by Grandmaster Wong during the courses.

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Selection form 18 Jewels

The 18 Jewels were 18 chi kung exercises collected or composed by Grandmaster Wong in his early years of healing. These exercises were a good introduction to chi kung. The fundamental skill to perform any chi kung is to enter into a chi kung state of mind, which is to be relaxed and focused at the same time.

  1. Embracing the Cosmos
  2. Dancing Fairy
  3. Double Dragons

Generating Energy Flow

These are three of the best exercises in all chi kung, and are taught in the Intensive Chi Kung Course for various chi kung skills. Here the techniques were used to generate an energy flow, which is the basic skill of chi kung.

  1. Lifting the Sky
  2. Pushing Mountain
  3. Carrying the Moon

Massaging Internal Organs

Three internal organs were massaged, namely the lungs, the stomach and the kidneys. As many people have difficulty bending forward to touch their toes without bending their knees, "Drumming Kidneys", which is an excellent chi kung exercise by itself, was taught to achieve this purpose.

  1. Separating Water
  2. Merry-Go-Round
  3. Drumming Kidneys
  4. Nourishing Kidneys

Class in Progress

The two videos below show course participants learning chi kung from Grandmaster Wong. "Carrying the Moon", among other benefits, makes women young and beautiful, which men like because it makes women young and beautiful. "Standing Meditation" and "Facial Massage" are basic skills, i.e. students in Shaolin Wahnam normally perform them every time they practice chi kung.

  1. Practicing Carrying the Moon
  2. Standing Meditation and Facial Massage

The techniques of the courses on Developing Internal Force, Mental Clarity, and Cosmic Shower on 14th and 15th October 2017 are not shown here.

For Developing Internal Force, we used the Three-Circle Stance and the Horse-Riding Stance. For Mental Clarity we used Lifting the Sky to reduce myriad thoughts to one, and Sitting on a Chair to expand the mind to zero. For Cosmic Shower we used Carrying the Moon to cleanse physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In the Cosmic Shower course, participants achieved one of the most beautiful benefits of chi kung. Because they had undergone a spiritual cleansing, they found everything more beautiful. When they have returned home, they will find their family members and their friends more beautiful.


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