Tiger-Crane Combat

Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Leo at poise pattern observing each other

Of the 3 Tiger-Crane sets Grandmaster Wong knows, the 36-Pattern Tiger Crane Set is the one he likes most.

There are 36 combat sequences of the set, with one combat sequence for each of the 36 patterns, except the last two patterns.

The Shaolin greeting is found at the beginning and the end of the set. Instead of repeating the greeting at the end, a tiger pattern and a crane pattern, which are signature patterns in the Shaolin freeting of Uncle Righteousness, from whom Grandmaster Wong learned the set in 1954, are used in the two final combat sequences.

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  1. Hero Stands Majestically
  2. Two Tigers at Ready
  3. Tame Tiger Hide Dragon
  4. Four Fingers Towards Sky
  5. Flying Bird Spreads Wings
  6. Tiger Leans on Wooden Door
  7. Tame Tiger with String of Beads
  8. Yun Tan Tames Tiger
  9. Hungry Tiger Returns to Nest
  10. Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain
  11. Single Tiger Emerges from Cave
  12. Lazy Tiger Stretches Waist
  13. Catch Tiger in Mountain
  14. Night Tiger Emerges from Jungle
  15. Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
  16. Hungry Tiger Catches Goat
  17. Fierce Tiger Returns to Highland
  18. Thousand Tons to the Ground
  19. Fell Old Tree with Roots
  20. Sun and Moon Shadow Hand
  21. Satisfied Reincarnation Crane
  22. Hungry Crane Seeks Prawns
  23. Single Leg Hungry Crane
  24. Single Leg Flying Crane
  25. False Leg Hand Sweep
  26. Immortal Plucks Legume
  27. Drunken Eight Immortals
  28. Fisherman Casts Net
  29. Lohan Emerges from Cave
  30. Dark Dragon Wags Tail
  31. Return Head Tiger Tail
  32. Black Tiger Steals Heat
  33. Show Dragon Hide Tiger
  34. Dragon and Tiger Meet Together
  35. Black Tiger Presents Claw
  36. White Crane Flaps Wings


36-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set 2017

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