UK Summer Camp 2017

Sifu Angel and Grandmaster Wong in poise patterns

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Day 1 -- 10th June 2017 -- The Secrets of Cotton Palm

  1. Developing Internal Force with Wave Sleeves and Cloud Hands
  2. Testing the Internal Force of Cotton Palm
  3. Direction of Palms and Various Stances of Cloud Hands
  4. Closing and Opening of Cloud Hands
  5. Exploding Force with Single Whip
  6. Exploding Force with Lone Drake Leaves Crowd
  7. Exploding of Force with Wild Horse Chases Wind
  8. Picture-Perfect Forms of Cotton Palm
  9. Performance of Cotton Palm by Course Participant

Day 2 -- 11th June 2017 -- Using Just One Pattern to Counter All Attacks!

  1. Learning How to Break Fall
  2. Wave Sleeves to Fell an Opponent as He Strikes
  3. Wave Sleeves to Counter-Strike an Opponent as He Attacks
  4. Using Wave Sleeves against Any Kicks
  5. Don't Place your Arm in the Direction of a Sweeping Kick
  6. Felling or Hitting an Opponent as He Tries to Fell You
  7. Wave Sleeves against Gripping Attacks

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