Ireland 2017, Pakua 2014, Small and Big Univerrse 2017

Small Universe

The Small Universe in Penang 2017

Ireland Ireland 2017

Bone Marrow Cleansing -- Ireland 2017
Using Tactics in Chin-Na
Proactive Tactic of Confusing Attack
Proactive Tactic of Continuous Attack
Using Tactics in Felling Attack
Taijiquan Pushing Hands -- Frontal Push
Generating Energy Flow
Getting to Opponents' Back
Proactive Tactic of Immediate Counter
Reactive Tactic of Instant Counter

Reactive Tactic of Interception in Pushing Hads
Using Tactics in Various Kicks
Pusing from the Left and the Zen
Valintine Chi Kung Courses in Ireland 2017 -- Overview
Using Various Tactics in Strikes
Valentine Taijiquan Pushing Hands 2017 Ireland -- Overview