Dragon-Tiger Set

Combat Application of Dragon-Tiger Set

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    1. Dragon-Tiger Set in Video 2018
    2. Checking for Picture-Perfect Form (1)
    3. Checking for Picture-Perfect Form (2)
    4. The Mechanics of Exploding Force
    5. Letting Chi Flow to Develop Internal Force
    6. Converting Flowing Chi into Consolidated Chi
    7. Adding Internal Force to Dragon-Tiger Set
    8. Performing Dragon-Tiger Set with Good Form and Internal Force
    9. Difference between Force and Flow
    10. Flowing Smoothly through the Dragon-Tiger Set

    11. Two Approaches in Adding Force to Flow
    12. Performing Dragon-Tiger Set in Chi Flow
    13. Break-Fall from Standing Position on Hard Ground
    14. Combat Sequence 1 of Dragon-Tiger Set
    15. Combat Sequence 2 of Dragon-Tiger Set
    16. Combat Sequence 3 of Dragon-Tiger Set
    17. Combat Sequence 4 of Dragon-Tiger Set
    18. Combat Application of Dragon-Tiger Set
    19. Single Tiger against Middle and Top Strikes
    20. Enter Sea to Search for Shells against Low Strikes

    21. Single Tiger and Kitten Wipes Face against Small Hooks
    22. Rhinoceros Looks at Moon against Large Hooks
    23. White Crane Flaps Wings against Any Kicks
    24. Move Stance Change Step to Overcome Felling Attack
    25. Circular Hand to Overcome Gripping Attack


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