Shaolin Dragon From

Max applying "Angry Leopard Charges at Fire" on Frederick

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  1. Dragon Form Set 2018
  2. Correcting the Form of Dragon Form Set
  3. Swimming Dragon Plays with Water
  4. Dark Dragon Draws Water
  5. Angry Leopard Charges at Fire
  6. Dragon Form Set by Dr Frederick Chu
  7. Combat Application from Double Dragons Emerge From Sea to Cannon Punch towards Sky
  8. Combat Application from Double Dragons to Single Strike Sounds Bell
  9. Combat Application from Dark Dragon to Green Dragon
  10. Combat Application from Dark Phoenix Nods Head to Old Dragon Squats on Ground

  11. Combat Application from Dragon Rises Tiger Leaps to One-Finger Shoots Zen
  12. Advanced Technique of Golden Dragon Circulates Pillar
  13. Difference between Form and Flow
  14. Attaining Picture-Perfect From
  15. Performing a Sequence in a Flow
  16. Focusing on Flow while Maintaining Good Form
  17. Forward and Backward with Three Sequences as if One Sequence
  18. More Chi to Flow to Increase Force
  19. Flow and Force with Correct Form
  20. Class Practice with Form, Flow and Force
  21. Spirit of the Dragon


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