Five-Monkey 18 Felling Technique Set

"Light Footed Monkey" to fell an opponent

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  1. Footwork for Monkey Kungfu
  2. Roll and Break-Fall
  3. Five-Monkey Eighteen-Felling-Technique Set
  4. The Monkey Paw
  5. Five-Monkey Eighteen-Felling-Technique Set by Dr Frederick Chu
  6. Combat Application from Rolling on Ground to Kicking of Purple Bell
  7. Combat Application from Hanging Lotus to Crawling on Ground
  8. Combat Application from Happy Bird to Old Monkey
  9. Combat Application from Asking the Way to Listening to Wind

The Monkey Set was composed by Grandmaster Wong from two sources -- from the essence of a Monkey Set from Patriarch Ho Fatt Nam and from a master called Four-Eye Cheong.

Patriarch Ho Fatt Nam explained to Grandmaster Wong Five Characteristics of Monkey, which corresponded to the Five Elemental Processes of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, or to the Stone Monkey, Wood Monkey, Drunken Monkey, Shy Monkey and Low Monkey.

The set from Four-Eye Cheong was called Eighteen Felling Techniques of the Spiritual Monkey. There were 18 felling techniques in the set.

These Five Characteristics and the 18 Felling Techniques are posted in secret pages. Course participants of the Glory of Shaolin Kungfu Course from 22nd to 26th January 2018 in Helsinki are provided with a user name and a password to access the secret pages.


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