72-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set

Mirva applied a flying kick on Frederick

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  1. 72-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set
  2. Combat Application from Double Worshiping of the Buddha to Upward Elbow Strike
  3. Combat Application from Double Hand Sweeps to Thrust Palms
  4. Combat Application from Double Hand Sweeps to Organ-Seeking Kick
  5. Combat Application from Fold Hands to Double Tiger Claws
  6. Generating Energy Flow to Develop Internal Force
  7. Combat Sequences from 72-Pattern Tiger-Crane
  8. Individual Patterns of 72-Tiger Crane Combat Sequences
  9. Finer Points of Warding off, Covering and Threading
  10. Finer Points of Body Movement and Footwork
  11. Finer Points of Sticking Hands and Organ-Seeking Kicks
  12. Finer Points of the Crane Wings


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