Shaolin Flower Set

Grandmaster Wong leading the class to develop internal force using the Flower Set

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  1. Shaolin Flower Set 2018
  2. Checking to Ensure Picture-Perfect Form
  3. Consolidating Energy to Develop Internal Force
  4. Class Practice in Developing Internal Force
  5. Steps to Attain Form and Flow in Shaolin Flower Set
  6. Class Practice to Attain Form and Flow in Shaolin Flower Set
  7. Just Defending an Opponent
  8. Different Levels of Combat
  9. Using Combat Sequences in Fighting
  10. Using Combat Sequence 1 of the Flower Set
  11. Using Combat Sequence 2 of the Flower Set
  12. Applying Various Combat Sequences of the Flower Set
  13. Combat Application from Single Dragon to Poisonous Snake
  14. Combat Application from Phoenix Flaps Wings to Poisonous Snake
  15. Combat Application from Poisonous Snake to Double Dragons
  16. Application of Advanced Patterns of Shaolin Flower Set


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