Five Elemental Continuous Fist

Grandmaster Wong applied a thrust palm on Angel as soon as Angel made a move

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  1. Five Element Continuous Fist 2018
  2. Xingyiquan Force
  3. Five Element Continuous Fist by Dr Frederick Chu
  4. Combat Application from Father and Son to Crush fist
  5. Combat Application of Xingyiquan -- Crush Fist
  6. Combat Application -- Crush Fist through Wood
  7. Combat Application -- Big Bird Flaps Wings
  8. Combat Application -- Heavenly Priest Stamps Insignia
  9. Application of Xingyiquan -- Spiral Fist
  10. Application of Xingyiquan -- Diagonal Fist and Cannon Fist
  11. Striking an Opponent as Soon as He Attacks
  12. Thrust Palm of Xingyiquan against Any Attack


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