Intensive Shaoin 2006 and Shaolin in Ireland 2009

Pressing Attacks

Pressing Attacks in Ireland 2009

Intensive Shaolin 2006 Intensive Shaolin 2006

Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course February 2006 -- Overview
Lifting sun and Moon, Chi Flow and Stances
Chi Flow, Leg Techniques and Footwork
Footwork -- from Big and Many to Small and Few
Moving to Different Directions and in Different Stances
Various Hand Forms in Shaolin Kungfu
Exploding Force in Black Tiger Steals Heart
Single Tiger, Poisonous Snake and Golden Dragon
Precious Duck, Hand Sweep, Golden Star and Emerges
from Cave

Four Basic Patterns of Striking and their Defence

Training of Spacing and Timing
Element of Threat is Important in Free Sparring
Left and Right Horn Punches
Importance of Systemmatic Training
Lohan Asks the Way in the Hall
Sequence Training 1 -- Black Tiger Steals Heart
Sequence Training 2 -- Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom
Chi Flow and Standing Meditation
Lohan Asks the Way by the Pool
Sequence Training 3 and 4 -- Precious Duck and Golden Star

Surprised Attack when an Opponent Initiates
Counters against Surprised Attack
Sequence 5 -- Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
Prressing In with the Pattern, Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
Sequence 6 -- Dark Dragon Draws Water
One-Finger Shooting Zen in Wuji Stance
Chin-Na Techniques at Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course 2006
Sequence 7 -- Chop the Hua Mountain
Sequence 8 -- Horizontally Sweep Thousand Armies
Combat Application Set -- Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley

Intensive Shaolin 2006 Sequence 9 -- Happy Bird Hops up Branch
Sequence 10 -- White Horse Presents Hoof
One-Finger Shooting Zen on Horse-Riding Stance
One-Finger Shooting Zen -- the Treasure of
Shaolin Wahnam

Breaking the Momentum of an Opponent's
Pressing Attack

Sequence 11 -- Yellow Bird Plays with Water
Sequence 12 -- Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree
What should You Do if your Leg is Held
Felling Technique and Break Fall
Sequence 13 -- Fell Tree with Roots

Sequence 14 -- Lead Horse Back to Stable
Sequence 15 -- Farmer Hoes Rice Field
Sequence 16 -- Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain
Combat Application Set -- Fell Tree with Roots
Free Sparring using Shaolin Kungfu
Keep a Boxer at Bay
Counter-Striking a Boxer
Counters against a Kick-Boxer
Striking a Kick-Boxer's Leg and Body
Fell an Opponent as He Kicks

Counters against Other Martial Artists
Against a Grappler who Clinches your Neck
Counters against the Shoot

Ireland 2009

Various Hand Forms in Shaolin Kungfu
Start with the Back Leg, Rotate the Waist, End with the Fist.
Single Tiger Emerges from Cave
Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom
Golden Dragon Plays with Water
Precious Duck and Hand-Sweep
Hang a Golden Star and Immortal Emerges from Cave
Reviewing the Four Attack and the Four Defence Patterns
Judging whether Opponent is Too Far, Too Near or of Right Spacing
Initiating and Responding with Black Tiger and Single Tiger