Intensive Shaolin January 2008 and Specail Intensive 2009

finer points in felling

Finer points in felling an opponent 2008

Shaolin Intensive Jan 2008 Shaolin Intensive Jan 2008

Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course 23-27 Jan
2008 -- Overview

Standing Zen, Lifting Sun and Moon, and Chi Flow
Horse-Riding Stance and Bow-Arrow Stance
Wrong Way of Moving Forward
Right Way of Stepping Forward and Backward
in Big Movements

Gliding Forward and Backward
Stepping Forward -- from Big Movements
to Small Movements

Stepping Backward in Big Movements
Gliding Forward in Big Movements
Gliding Backward in Big Movements

Moving Foward and Backward in Fast Steps
Moving to Differrent Directions with Different Leg Modes
Moving to Same Direction by Turning Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise
The Yang Approach, the Yin Approach or the Straight Approach
Moving in Bow-Arrow Stance Forward and Backward in Different Directions
Moving in Different Stances in Different Directions
Various Hand Forms in Shaolin Kungfu
Fa-Jing or Exploding Force in Shaolin Kungfu
Black Tiger Steals Heart
Single Tiger Emerges from Cave

Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom
Golden Dragon Plays with Water
Precious Duck Swims through Lotus
False Leg Hand Sweep
Hang a Golden Star
Immortal Emerges from Cave
Composing a Simple Set in Shaolin Kungfu
Continuing One Combat Sequence wuth Another
Sophisticated Techniques for Combat in Shaolin Kungfu
Three Points of Spacing in Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Intensive Jan 2008 Using the Front Leg, Not the Back
Usimg the Back Leg to Bridge Wide Gap in Kungfu Combat
The Chase, if an Opponent Retreats in Shalin Kungfu Combat
Sparring using Shaolin Kungfu Techniques
One-Finger Shooting Zen on Horse-Riding Stance
Using Combat Sequences in Sparring
Opponents Would Not Know You are Following
a Combat Sequence

Covering Opponent's Hands when Attacking
Counters against Sweeping Kicks
Pressing Opponents with Combat Sequences

Adding Kicks to Combat Sequences
Felling Techniques and their Defence
Shaolin Dragon-Tiger Set
Northern Shaolin Dragon-Form Set
Shaolin Five-Animal Set
36-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set
Shaulin Lohan Kungfu Set
Chi Flow -- the Special Feature of Shaolin Wahnam
Using Finer Points of Dragon-Form for Combat
Using Finer Points of Dragon-Tiger Set for Combat

Using Body-Moevement to Escape Pressing Attack
Using Finer Points of Tiger-Crane Set for Combat
Sweeping Kicks, Search for Shells, and Counters
Using Finer Points of Five-Animal Set and Lohan Kungfu for Combat
Secrest of Two Dragons Fight for Pearl and Two Tigers Subdue Dragon
Secrets of the Tiger-Tail Kick
Counters against Pressing Attack and Secrest of Pressing Elbow
Second Auntie Catches Crab
Shaolin Kungfu against Boxing
If there's Form, Strike the Form; if there's No Form, Chase the Shadow

Shaolin Intensive Jan 2008 Felling Attack that a Boxer has No Techniques to Counter
Strike his Leg when an Opponent Kicks
Fell an Opponent when He Kicks
Counters against Double Kicks
Counters against Muay Thai Knee Jabs
Counters against the Shoot
Dragon-Tiger Combat Application Set
Spirits of Different Animal Forms
Tiger-Crane Combat Application Set
Lohan Kungfu Combat Application Set

Dragon-Form Combat Application Set
Five-Animal Combat Application Set
Old Dragon Squats on Ground
Submerged Drragon Subdues Sea Monster
Comet Chases away Moon
Reverse Hitting of Purple Bell
Tame Tiger Hide Dragon
The Soft and Internal of Monkey Kungfu
Variations in the Use of a Planned Sequence
Applying a Planned Sequence in Combat

Staying at One Place, and Not Moving Back
Free Sparring using Kungfu Techniques

Special Intensive 2009

Special Shaolin Kungfu Course 25-29 Apr 2009 -- Overview
Lifting Sun and Moon to Get Energy Flowing
Special Leg Exercises at the Special Shaolin Kungfu Course 2009
There Must be Reach, and the Stances Must be Firm
Making the Best Use of the False-Leg Stance
Finer Points of Combat at Special Shaolin Kungfu Course 2009
Subtle Counters against Subtle Attacks at Special Shaolin Kungfu Course 2009
Double Bows Tame Tiger against Chop the Hua Mountain
Horizontally Sweep a Thousand Armies and Attend Conference with Single Knife
Spontaneously Respond to Various Combat Sequences

Special Intensive 2009 Brush it Aside instead of Covering it if Opponent's
Guard Hand is too Far Away

Happy Bird Hops up Branch and Hide Flowers in Sleeves
White Horse Presents Hoof and Single Whip Saves Emperor
How to Intercept a Pressing Attack
Butterfly Palms and Organ-Seeking Kick
Lead Horse Back to Stable and Hide Flowers in Sleeves
One-Finger Shooting Zen on Horse-Riding Stance
Farmer Hoes Rice Field and White Horrse Presents Hoof
Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain and White Horse
Presents Hoof

Free Sparring using Combat Sequences

Initiate Performance of Tiger-Crane Set
Initate Performace of Dragon-Tiger Set
Initate Performace of Dragon-Form Set
Demonstration of Energy Spirit in Performance of a Kungfu Set
Fine Points on Various Kungfu Sets
36-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set
Southern Shaolin Dragon-Tiger Set
Northern Shaolin Dragon-Form Set
Improving the Combat Efficiency of the Dragon-Form Set
Improving the Combat Efficiency of the Dragon-Tiger Set

Improving the Combat Efficiency of the Tiger-Crane Set
Improving the Combat Efficiency of the White Crane
Specific Techniques against Various Combat Situations


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