Taijiquan in Serville 2006 and Shaolin in Toronto 2005

Four Gates

A secret point in Four Gates 2005

Taijiquan Taijiquan Serville 2006

Wahnam Taijiquan in Servilla 2006 -- Overview
Grasping Sparrow's Tail -- Servilla 2006
The Pattern, Cloud Hands -- Servilla 2006
The Set, Cloud Hands -- Servilla 2006
Striking in Combat Application -- Servilla 2006
Kicking in Combat Application -- Servilla 2006
Felling in Combat Application -- Servilla 2006

Toronto 2005

Shaolin Kungfu Course in Toronto 2005 -- Overview
Lifting Sun and Moon, Basic Stances and Footwork
Baisc Hand Forms and Mechancis of Exploding Force
Fine Points of Combat in Free Sparring
One-Finger Shooting Zen in Wuji Stance
Black Tiger, Crouching on Ground and Swinging Fist
If there's Form, Strike the Form; if there's No Form, Chase the Shadow
> Four Basic Strikes and their Defence in Shaolin Kungfu
Return Head, Double Tiger Claws and Golden Leopard
Learning Cross-Road at Four Gates 2005

Training of Spacing and Timing
Combat Sequence 1 of Four Gates
Hand Sweep and Emerge from Cave
Sophisticated Techniques for Combat
One-Finger Shooting Zen of Horse-Riding Stance
Closing or Opening an Opponent's Defence
Basic Shaolin Sequence 1 -- Black Tiger Steals Heart
Shaolin Counters against Karate Attacks
Twisting the Head from the Back
Basic Shaolin Sequences 2 and 3 -- Poisonous Snake and
Precious Duck