26-27 SEPT 2010 -- OVERVIEW

One-Finger Shooting Zen

One-Finger Shooting Zen in Wuji Stance

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  1. Introduction to Complementary Shaolin Kungfu Course and Chi Flow
  2. Lifting the Sky for Health and Triple Cultivation
  3. Double Dragons to Let Energy Flow
  4. Double Dragons to Consolidate Internal Force
  5. To Develop Internal Force for Martial Art and Daily Living
  6. Performing any Activity Without Feeling Tired and Without Panting for Breaths
  7. Fa-Jing or Exploding Force using Black Tiger Steals Heart
  8. Some Basic Shaolin Patterns
  9. Chi Flow for Health, Combat Efficiency and Spiritual Cultivation
  10. Covering Opponent's Jabs and Crosses
  11. Guard against Opponent Hitting you with Jabs and Crosses
  12. Lift Hand, Not Just Push Aside Opponent's Attack
  13. Close Opponent Adequately to Prevent his Further Attack
  14. Using Technical Speed against a Boxer
  15. A Boxer has a Reach Technically Longer than in Shaolin
  16. How to Catch an Opponent's Arm
  17. Covering and Striking an Opponent
  18. Giving an Opponent No Chance to Attack You
  19. A Boxer has No Counters against Felling Techniques
  20. Having Fun with Break Fall
  21. Stepping on Opponent's Foot to Prevent him Running Away
  22. How to Counter an Opponent's Upper-Cuts
  23. How to Counter a Hook
  24. Holding an Opponent and Bringing him to the Ground
  25. Using Kicks against a Boxer
  26. How to Fell an Opponent
  27. How to Handle an Opponent Bouncing Around
  28. Counters against Opponent who Frequently Kicks

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