Cultivating Spirit Nourishing Energy

Abdominal Breathing

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  1. Standing Meditation and Chi Flow
  2. Breathe Out when Pressing In
  3. Abdominal Breathing
  4. Toe Breathing or Heel Breathing
  5. Five Dan Tian Chi Kung
  6. Glowing with Five Dan Tians
  7. Lifting the Sky to Attain a One-Pointed Mind
  8. Light Breeze through Sleeves
  9. Practicing Light Breeze through Sleeves
  10. Generating Flowing Force with Double Dragons Emerge from Sea
  11. Double Dragons Emerge fron Sea on Horse-Riding Stance
  12. Flowing Breeze through Sleeves on Horse-Riding Stance
  13. Consolidating Force with Double Dragons Emerge from Sea
  14. Expanding into the Cosmos (1)
  15. Cloud Hands to Develop Flowing Force
  16. The Slow and Powerful Tortoise Method
  17. Expanding into the Cosmos (2)


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