Intensive Chi Kung Course

Participants enjoying a chi flow during the course

Please see Essence of Intensive Chi Kung Course

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  1. Entering into a Chi Kung State of Mind
  2. Questions and Answers at Intensive Chi Kung Course 4-6 Feb 2010
  3. Lifting the Sky to Generate Energy Flow
  4. The Mechanics of Pushing Mountain
  5. You can Perform any Task Without Feeling Tired and Without being Out of Breath
  6. Women Love Carrying the Moon, and Men Too
  7. It's Chi Flow, Not Chi Kung Techniques, that Gives Chi Kung Benefits
  8. Carrying the Moon for Youthfulness and Agility
  9. Carrying the Moon for Spiritual Cultivation
  10. Self-Manifested Chi Movement to Overcome Pain and Illness
  11. Different Levels of Chi Kung Attainment
  12. Lifting the Sky to Attain Good Health and Vitality
  13. Chi Kung to Attain Emotional Balance
  14. Chi Kung to Attain Longevity
  15. Chi Kung for Peak Performance
  16. Chi Kung for Daily Living

Please see Essence of Intensive Chi Kung Course

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