Complimantery Taijiquan Course 2010

Grasping Sparrow's Tail

Grasping Sparrow's Tail -- the Mechancis of Taijiquan

Graswping Sparrow's Tail Complimentary Taijiquan 2010

Entering Tao and Chi Flow in Complimentary
Taijiquan Course 2010

Rotate the Waist and Not Move the Arms
in Wahnam Taijiquan

Immortal Waves Sleeves -- Movement from the Waist;
Little Movement from the Arms

Continuous Flow -- No Beginning No Ending
Duble Dragons Embrace Pearl -- Movement from
Waist Rotation

Push Boat According to Current -- Push From Back Leg
Black Bear Sinks Hips -- Wonderful Counter against Felling
Grasping Sparrow' Tail -- Corrrect Practice Generrates Energy Flow
The Correct Way of Performing the Bow-Arrow Stance
Changing from One Side to the Other of Grapsing Sparrow's Tail

Exploding Force using Open Window to Look at Moon
Exploding Force using Immortal Waves Sleeves
Exploding Force with Ohter Patterns in Wahnam Taijiquan
Using Flowing Chi to Do Work for You
Keeping an Oppoent at Bay in Wahnam Taijiquan
Slowing Down Movement to Understand Philosophy in Wahnam Taijiquan
Lift Hand in Wahnam Taijiquan -- Not Push Attack Aside
Use Guard Hand against Opponent's Jabs and Crosses
Stay at your Place; Use Body-Movement but Don't Move Back
Cover yourself when Chasing after an Opponent

Counters against the Shoot
Controlling an Opponent on the Ground
Break Fall to Prevent Possible Injury
Off-Balancing a Heavy-Weight
Counters against Upper-Cuts
Counters against the Hooks
Against an Opponent who Bounces Around
White Crane against any Kicks
Fell Opponent as He Kicks
Strike Opponent as He Moves I

Combat Application, Chi Flow and Standing Meditation
Complimentary Taijiquan Course, 28-29 Sept 2010 -- Overview


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