Taijiquan is not a dance; it is a wonderrful martial art

Taijiquan Intensive 2019 Taijiquan 2019

Intensive Taijiquan Course, 8th to 12th April 2019 -- Overview

Taijiquan 2019 -- Day 01

From Big to Small, From Many to Few
Changing fron One Side to Another of Grasping
Sparrow's Tail

Cloud Hands -- Opening and Closing
Combat Applicationsf Grasping Sparrow's Tail
and Cloud Hands

Differentitating Yin-Yang, and Stepping and Gliding
Forward and Backward

Change from Opening and Closig using Figure-of-Eight
Art of Flexibility
Grasping Sparrow's Tail
Movements in Stances
Cloud Hands: Moving in Stances

Change from Opening to Closing of Cloud Hands using Rectangle
Stance Training to Develop Internal Force
Rotation of the Waist

Taijiquan 2019 -- Day 02

Developing Sensing Skills in Taijiquan Stationary Pushing Hands
Ward-Off when Opponent Intends to Thrust in Taijiquan Pushing Hands
You may Slice Opponent's Throat in Taijiquan Pushing Hands
Circulating Hands in Taijiquan Pushing Hands
Body Movement in Taijiquan Pushing Hands
You Must Close Opponent's Arms Before Pushing
Dancing Butterfly to Clear Blockage or Enhance Resut
Defence against Frontal Gliding Push
Frontal Stepping Forward Push
Thread from Under the Other Arm

Pushing from Yang Side of Right Mode
If an Opponent Kicks your Groin
Make Adjustment with Footwork
Pushing from Yin Side of Right Mode
Pushing from Yin Side of Left Mode
Defence against Yin Push
Pushing from Back of Right Mode
Pusing from the Back in Left Mode
Defence against the Back Push

sensing-skill 2019 Taijiquan 2019 -- Day 03

Three-Circle Stance of Taijiquan
Tactic of Continuous Attacks
Tactic of Confusing Attacks
Tactic of Instantaneous Counter
Tactic of Interception
The Cloud Hands Set
Explode Force with Bow-Arrow Thrust Punch
Explode Force with Single Whip
Explode Force with Patterns From Grasping Sparrow's Tail
Explode Force with Four Secondary Patterns

Explode Force with Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
Da Shou, or Striking Hands, with Top, Middle and Side Strikes
Class Practice with Different Strikes
Da Shou with Different Kicks
Class Practice with Different Kicks
Da Shou with Different Felling Attacks
Da Shou with Different Chin-Na Attacks
Counter against Simultaneous Kick and Strike
Double-Hand Grip in Taijiquan Striking Hands

Taijiquan 2019 -- Day 04

Cover your Opponent amd Three Classes of Kungfu
Sequence 1 -- Immortal Waves Sleeves
Class Practice of Sequence 1
Sequence 2 -- Low Stance Vertical Punch
Sequence 3 -- White Snake Shoots Venom
Combat Application Set 1: White Snake Shoots Venom
Cloud Hands and White Snake
Sequence 4 -- Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
Sequence 5 -- White Crane Flaps Wings
Sequence 6 -- Striking Tiger Poise