Iron Shirt

Iron Shirt and Flying Kicks

This is an old video of more than 25 years showing Wong Yin Tat, a senior disciple of Grandmaster Wong, demonstrating Shaolin Iron Shirt during a public demonstration where he was punched and kicked full force without sustaining injury. It also shows that flying kicks in Shaolin Kungfu are quite different from those normally found in Taekwondo and those frequently demonstrated by Bruce Lee. In a Shaolin flying kick, the exponent's body is quite upright, whereas in those of Bruce Lee and Taekwondo, the exponent's body is turned sideway.

Iron Shirt Iron Shirt Iron Shirt

You can view the video by clicking the picture or the caption below

Shaolin Iron Shirt and Flying Kicks from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Shaolin Wahnam in the 1980s

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