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Footwork in Meeting Multiple Attacks

Good stances and footwork are essential in meeting multiple attacks. The kungfu exponent must be stable and agile at the same time, manifested as yin-yang harmony. This video shows how a kungfu exponent surrounded by multiple attackers can sense and move using good stances and footwork.

Those shown at the beginning of the video clip are, from left to right are Chris, Darryl, Jamie (white t-shirt), Davie (blue t-shirt), Innes, Michael Durkin, and Cymon. Davie was first in the circle, then Jamie. Except for Mike (England) and Kai (Germany), everyone else was from Shaolin Wahnam Scotland. In the video clip, Kai advised Jamie to move with his guard, instead of moving after his guard or after his feet (the Three External Harmonies). The further progression was Darryl moving with the Three Internal Harmonies as well (not shown in this clip).

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Shaolin Footwork in Meeting Multiple Attacks from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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