Taijiquan combat application

“Da Shou” or “Striking Hands” is an effective way to train combat efficiency in Taijiquan. This video clip, taken soon after their Special Taijiquan Course in Malaysia in 2002, shows Jeffrey and Javier practicing the third sequence, “White Snake Shoots Venom” in our Wahnam Taijiquan combat application series.

Jeffrey attacks with three consecutive palm thrusts at Javier's throat, while covering Javier's counter attacks at the same time. Notice that Javier first uses his right hand, next his left hand, and then his right hand to ward off Jeffrey's attack, using both the “peng” and the “lu” techniques while counter-attacking, and employing the famous Taijiquan tactic of “lian xiao dai da” or “defence cum attack”.

It is important that all the movements should be performed in chi flow without muscular tension. When assailants attack them in similar ways, trained exponents would be able to apply these Taijiquan skills and techniques to overcome the combat situations.

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Taijiquan Combat Sequence 3 -- White Snake Shoots Venom from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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