Taijiquan combat application

Many students wonder how kungfu, including Taijiquan, can be used for combat! This is ironical and reflects the disgraceful situation that kungfu has degenerated into. If kungfu is a martial art (and it is) it is meant for combat. If kungfu practitioners cannot apply kungfu for combat, it means they have not learnt genuine kungfu or they may have learnt it incorrectly.

This series of video clips is aimed at helping them to better understand how Taijiquan can be used for combat. Here, Jeffrey attacks with a palm strike using the pattern “Lazy to Roll up Sleeves”. It could also be a Boxer's jab or a Karateka's punch, except that exponents of other martial systems normally would not pay as much attention to such factors like stances, balance and coverage as Jeffrey shows here.

Javier responds with “Punch Below Sleeves”, defending cum counter-attacking. Jeffrey brushes away the punch and replies with a hanging fist. Javier moves aside and executes a side-kick, this time employing the tactic of “no defence direct counter”. Jeffrey avoids the kick using “Low Stance Single Whip”, and as soon as the kick is spent, he moves forward with a palm strike, which Javier wards off.

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Taijiquan Combat Sequence 6 -- Low Stance Single Whip from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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