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A Japanese Song

The wife of a corporate president sang a song for Sifu Wong. She said that she didn't know whether it was Chinese or Japanese. If it was Chinese, she hoped Sifu Wong would sing a song too. It turned out the song was Japanese.

The lyrics in Japanese are as follows:

Zuizui zukkorobashi gomamisozui chatsuboniowarete toppinshan nuketara dondokosho tawarano nezumi ga kome kutte chu, chu, chu, chu otousan ga yondemo okasan ga yondemo ikikkonaashiyo idonomawaride ochawan kaitano dare

The meaning is as follows:

Zuizui (for sound effect). The sound of fermented bean paste. The head samurai of the procession carrying a Tea Bowl has arrived. So everyone close your doors. Shyan (sound of doors closing). Once the procession has passed, what relief we all feel. As the procession passes, no one dares to breathe. It is so quiet that one can hear mice scrabbling about the straw rice containers. The mice eat the rice. Chyuu (sound of mice). Even though father calls, even though mother calls, nobody dares to move. Someone near the well has dropped and cracked a rice bowl. Who did it?

Both the lyrics and the meaning are provided by Sifu Emiko Hsuen.

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A Japanese Song from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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