Tiger Claws

Application of Tiger Claws

In this video clip Sifu Wong shows Eugene and David an application of the Double Tiger Claws from their specialized set, “Tiger-Crane Set”.

During such practice, sometimes the exponents may slow down or temporary stop their movements to think. One may ask whether slowing down to think will give an opponent time to strike, or whether this contradicts the tenet that an effective fighter does not think while fighting.

These questions indicate a failure to appreciate that sequence training is not free sparring or real fighting — it is a preparation to free sparring and real fighting. In fact in this case Sifu Wong asks Eugene and David to purposely slow down their movements. But when they have been systematically and sufficiently trained, they can free spar or fight spontaneously without thinking.

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Application of Tiger Claw from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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