Shaolin Tantui

Grandmaster Wong avoids a kick from Sifu Michael Chow

Tantui, which means “Spring Kicks” is the essence of Northern Shaolin Kungfu. In the 19th and 20th centuries, great masters like Huo Yuan Jia and Huo Yun Jia used Tantui to convincingly defeat foreign masters who came to test the combat effectiveness of kungfu.

Tantui is widely practiced today, but unfortunately practitioners only perform external forms of the 12 sequences, without developing internal force and learning combat application.

The “Magic of Tantui” course held in Toronto from 22nd to 24th April 2014 attempted to overcome these weaknesses, and restore the greatness of Tantui. Besides the wonderful benefits from the training, there was also a lot of fun and laughter at the course.

We wish to thank Sifu Emiko Hsuen for making this course possible.

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  1. Basics of Tantui
  2. Flowing Force
  3. Exploding Force
  4. Class Practice
  5. Covering an Opponent
  6. Forcing Boxers Back
  7. Pressing with Chosen Sequence
  8. Chasing and Covering
  9. Felling Techniques and Counters
  10. Rotation of Waist

  11. Release Grips
  12. Importance of Footwork
  13. Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder
  14. Lift Strike
  15. Minimizing Opponent's Force
  16. Combat Sequence 1
  17. Tantui against Boxer
  18. Some Questions on Combat
  19. Hanging Double Hooks
  20. Secrets of Tantui Thrust Punch

  21. Combat Sequence 2
  22. Three Rings Round Moon
  23. Combat Sequence 3
  24. Knee Jab
  25. Organ Seeking Kick
  26. Combat Sequence 4
  27. Combat Sequence 5
  28. Combat Sequence 6
  29. Sequences 4, 5, 6
  30. Combat Sequence 7

  31. Grip and Strike
  32. Combat Sequence 8
  33. Break Lock
  34. Combat Sequence 9
  35. Hold Horse Before Cliff
  36. Double Flying Kicks
  37. Combat Sequence 10
  38. Combat Sequences 11 and 12
  39. Against Kicks
  40. Against Pin Downs

The original videos posted in YouTube were mysteriously lost but later gratefully recovered by Sifu Eugene Siterman. We would like to thank Sifu Yumi Honjo for retrieving them from her personal copy and Sifu Hubert Razack for posting them in Vimeo.


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