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flowing water

Sifu Robin Demonstrating Flowing Water Floating Clouds

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The "Flowing Water Floating Clouds" Taijiquan set is a hallmark of Wahnam Taijiquan, and displays many of the characteristic features of our style of Taijiquan.

At the beginning of the set some time is spent in "Wuji" or the "Great Void" to achieve a xhi kung state of mind, demonstrating that Taijiquan is being practiced as chi kung, a skill of energy and mind, and not just as a gentle physical exercise which is common today.

From Wuji, internal chi flow expands and stimulates movement symbolized as "Taiji" which moves into the pattern "Cloud Hands". Shortly after there is the "Her-it" shout when performing "Immortal Pounds Mortar" which develops more focused internal force and can be performed at some speed. This may surprise many people who are used to seeing Taijiquan performed as a slow dance.

Taijiquan utilizes yin-yang philosophy. Therefore, as well as soft and slow movements it also includes fast and hard movements. Indeed in combat Taijiquan can be incredibly fast.

Fa-jing, or exploding force, is used in many of the patterns like "Single Whip" and "Big Bird Flaps Wings". This again trains the use of internal force, which starts in the feet, travels through the legs, is controlled at the waist to be expressed in the hands.

Many people may notice the athletic nature of this set. As well as having force and techniques we also need to be quick, agile and full of energy.

In patterns like "Emptying Rucksack" you can see throwing techniques. There are also continuous punches in the patterns "Rolling Punch".

Many may be surprised at the great variety of kicks in this form. These include thrust, snap, side, jumping double and organ seeking kicks. These kicks are not commonly seen in most modern styles of Taijiquan.

Mind moves chi and chi moves form. Sspeed and power can be generated without becoming tired and out of breath. This skill is often mentioned in Taijiquan classics.

After "Bringing Chi to Dan Tien" you can see that performing "Flowing Water Floating Clouds" has generated a strong chi-flow. Chi-flow can be used for cleansing energy blockages to achieve radiant health and happiness. After chi-flow is the return to Wuji "the Great Void", to enjoy the deep stillness and inner peace of standing meditation.

Some may expect to be panting or tired after performing such a set but on the contrary training Wahnam Taijiquan leaves you feeling calm, energized and vital.

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