As David and Eugene progress to Sequence 3, their techniques and tactics are more sophisticated though they still keep to relatively simple combat situations of strikes and kicks. David employs the tactic of “pressing attack”, and although Eugene manages to intercept it right from the start by using “Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain”, which is an effective response using the tactic of “defence cum counter”, David skillfully neutralizes it and continues with his “pressing attacks”.

Eugene first thought of using a “hand sweep” to counter David's side kick, but changes his mind and uses “Dark Dragon Wags Tail” instead to tempt the attack to press on. David probably senses Eugene's trick, but decides to “play” along with it and press on with a “Leopard Punch”. As soon as Eugene responds to it, David turns this attack into a feign move and kicks at Eugene knee instead. Eugene responds with “Single Leg Hand Sweep” and presses back with a level punch.

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Combat Sequences from Tiger-Crane -- Sequence 3 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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