An Impromptu but Amazing Demonstration of an Incredible Art


Grandmaster Wong applies a gentle touch of dim-mark on Alex

A Gentle Touch of Dim-Mark

Dim-mark is a highly sophisticated skill of dotting an opponent's vital point to immobilize or injure him. It is actually a compassionate way of fighting, as the injury can be rectified. A master executing dim-mark may just touch an opponent gently.

An unexpected but amazing demonstration of dim-mark occurred at the 2007 UK Summer Camp Weapon Course. Grandmaster Wong showed how a swordsman could apply the pattern “Immortal Points the Way” to release an opponent's grip on his wrist and simultaneously dot his vital point. He gently dotted Alex' vital point at the ribs.


Please click on the picture to view Grandmaster Wong explaining the art of dim-mark as Alex “vomits” out the injury

Realizing the injury inflicted, Grandmaster Wong asked Alex to perform “Lifting the Sky” to generate an energy flow to flush out the injury. Many people might be surprised at Grandmaster Wong's concern as the strike was an apparently gentle touch. But they were more surprised when soon Alex was making some “vomiting” noise as the resultant chi flow flushed out the injury.

Grandmaster Wong recalled another unforgettable incident a few years ago when Sifu Kai Uwe dotted a vital point of Berne also in an apparently gentle touch. Although Berne had much internal force, his face turned pale immediately and he felt limp. Sifu Anthony Korahais, who was present at the incident, described Berne's condition as well as how Grandmaster Wong provided Berne with remedial exercise, and how Sifu Kai Uwe later gave Berne acupuncture treatment. Simu also brew some medicinal herbs for Berne to drink.


Please click on the picture to view Sifu Anthony Korahais describing another incident of dim-mark where Sifu Kai Uwe dotted Berne's vital point with an apparently gentle touch

After some vigorous chi movement where his injury was cleansed out, Alex said he was surprised that Grandmaster Wong asked him to perform “Lifting the Sky” as a remedial exercise because initially he felt nothing was wrong. But as a good student, he did what he was told. He was more surprised when he felt a deep pain as the injury was being cleansed out.

Grandmaster Wong explained that had Alex not performed the remedial exercise to clear the injury, the injury could become very serious. Yet Western trained doctors would not find anything wrong with Alex. But as the injury was newly inflicted, it could be cleared quite easily. He assured Alex that he was safe.


Please click the picture to hear Alex describing his experience of dim-mark and its cleansing

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Gentle Touch of Dim Mark 2007 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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