Eagle Claw Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating Bottom Contain Hand of Sequence 32

This is just a selection to give a taste of the complete 50 Eagle Claw combat sequences taught at the UK Summer Camp 2009.

PLEASE NOTE: you can download the video clips onto your own computer and view them at your leisure. Enter the webpage (not this one) where the selected video clip can be downloaded. Place your computer pointer at the picture or one of the links, and right click. Choose “Save Target As”. Select the directory or sub-directory where you wish to keep the video clip. Click “Save”.

Selection from the 50 Combat Sequences of Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw
Hugh Lift Low Press
Retreat Step Continuous Strikes
Turn Sleeves

Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw
Life Elbow
Spiral Fist
Bottom Contain Hand

Eagle Claw Eagle Claw Eagle Claw
Eagle Claw Strong Grip Technique
Fell Body Technique
Forward Together

You can view all the video above by clicking on the picture or the caption below

Selection from Eagle Claw Combat Sequences from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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