Shaolin Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong leading a class during the review course

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  1. Cultivation of Jing, Qi and Shen, or the Physical, Energy and Mind
  2. Some Finer Points Regarding the Bow-Arrow and the Horse-Riding Stance
  3. How to Move Correctly and Speedily in Stances
  4. Mechanics of Exploding Force
  5. Exploding Force with Various Patterns
  6. Linking Patterns to Form Combat Sequences
  7. Pre-Arranged Sparring to Develop Combat Skills
  8. Important Skills in Sequences 3 and 4
  9. Applying Continuation of Sequences in Sparring Practice
  10. Skillful Manipulation of Combat Sequences for Sparring

  11. Combat Sequence 5 -- Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
  12. Combat Sequence 6 -- Dark Dragon Draws Water
  13. Combat Sequence 7 -- Chop the Hua Mountain
  14. Combat Sequence 8 -- Horizontally Sweep a Thousand Armies
  15. Enjoying Chi Flow and Sparring
  16. Overcoming Two Big Problems in Free Sparring and Real Fighting
  17. Using Modifications When Applying Combat Sequences
  18. Countering Surprised Kicks and Throws When Applying Combat Sequences
  19. Combat Sequence 9 -- Side-Body Tiger-Tail Kick
  20. Combat Sequence 10 -- Heart-Piercing Thrust Kick

  21. Intercepting and Countering Ferocious Pressing Attacks
  22. Important Skills of Coverage and Interception
  23. Combat Sequence 11 -- Deadly Organ-Seeking Kick
  24. Combat Sequence 12 -- Formidable Whirlwind Kick
  25. Combat Sequence 13 -- Fell Tree with Roots
  26. Combat Sequence 14 -- Lead Horse Back to Stable
  27. Combat Sequences 15 and 16 -- Hoe Field and Push Mountain
  28. Many Effective Techniques against Boxers
  29. Changing a Boxer's Strength into his Weakness
  30. Felling Boxers and Kick-Boxers
  31. Plant Willow to Counter Formidable Muay Thai Knee Jabs

    Warrior Project

    Grandmaster Wong felling an opponent onto the ground


    Shaolin Kungfu Review Course 28th and 29th December 2008

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