Taijiquan on the Blue Mountain Part 13 — Life (Almost)
8th to 12th March 2009


Wahnam Taijiquan

Sifu Piti gives Sifu Simon a good push

There are two methods in the frontal push, namely rolling forward and stepping forward. Covering yourselves and good footwork are important. You can also defend against the frontal push by rolling backward or stepping back. You also need to sink your body to get the best advantage. A good push consists of a good beginning where you cover yourselves adequately, a good progression where your movements are fluid, and a good conclusion where you complete in a stable stance.

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Wahnam Taijiquan Wahnam Taijiquan Wahnam Taijiquan
Roll Forward Expose Groin Protecting Groin
Wahnam Taijiquan Wahnam Taijiquan Wahnam Taijiquan
Footwork Spacing Step Forward Good Puch
Wahnam Taijiquan Wahnam Taijiquan Wahnam Taijiquan
Good Push Neutralizing Frontal Push Without Sinking Body

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Rolling and Stepping Forward and Backward in Taijiquan Footwork from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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