Taijiquan, Tai Chi Chuan

Grandmaster Wong and the class performing Grasping Sparrow's Tail

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  1. Taiji Originates from Wuji and Returns to Wuji
  2. Philosophy and Methodology of Stance training
  3. The Subtle Joys of the Three-Circle Stance
  4. Kungfu Stances: Horse-Riding, Bow-Arrow and False-Leg
  5. Kungfu Stances: Four-Six, Unicorn and Single-Leg
  6. Flexibility Exercises that Also Enhance Internal Force
  7. Importance of Body-Movement and Footwork
  8. Three Harmonies in Immortal Waves Sleeves
  9. Chin-Na Techniques in Double Dragons and Push Boat
  10. Grasping Sparrow's Tail

  11. Short and Medium Range in Stationary Pushing Hands
  12. The Frontal Push in Mobile Pushing Hands
  13. Rolling and Stepping Forward and Backward
  14. Technical and Tactical Advantages
  15. Neutralizing, Exploiting and Creating Advantages
  16. Side Push from Left and from Right
  17. Skills and Techniques in Pushing Hands
  18. Picture-Perfect Form and Sophisticated Skills
  19. Moving to an Opponent's Back
  20. Taijiquan Chin-Na Techniques and Counters

  21. Progressing to Da Shou or Striking Hands
  22. White Snake Shoots Venom and Various Counters
  23. Striking Opponent's Top, Middle and Bottom Level
  24. Why do We Use Poise Patterns at Start of Combat
  25. Three Arrivals and Four Preparations
  26. Important Lessons in Initiating an Attack and in Responding to an Initial Attack
  27. Third Class, Second Class and First Class Responses
  28. Using Genuine Taijiquan Techniques in Attack and Defence
  29. Abridged Combat Sequence 1 -- Striking
  30. Themes for Combat Sequences

  31. Abridged Combat Sequence 2 -- Kicking
  32. Continuation from One Sequence to Another Sequence
  33. Chasing After a Retreating Opponent
  34. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
  35. Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree
  36. Abridged Combat Sequence 3 -- Felling
  37. Eagle Claw in Taijiquan
  38. Hiding Flowers in Sleeves
  39. Abridged Combat Sequence 4 -- Chin-Na
  40. The Four Attacks -- Striking, Kicking, Felling and Chin-Na
  41. Old Eagle Catches Snake in Remembrance of Zhang San Feng
  42. From Combat Sequences to Free Sparring

Taijiquan, Tai Chi Chuan

Taijiquan is a wonderful martial art


Taijiquan on the Blue Mountain 2009

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