Wahnam Taijiquan

Wahnam Taijiquan

Wahb]nam Taijiquan Taijiquan -- Videos

Secrets of the Internal Force Masters 2009 -- Overview
The Most Important Lessons in Wahnam Taijiquan
The Art of Flexibility in Wahnam Taijiquan
Reliving Taijiquan Footwork Principles of Past Masters
From Moving Slowly and Gracefully to Moving Fast and Spontaneously
There is More in Channbging Directions than what Most People Think
Importance of Waist Rotation in Taijiquan
Applying Waist Rotation to Realize using Miminum Force against Maximum Strength
From Tao io Cloud Hands to Grasping Sparrow's Tail
Solo Form Practice is Not is Not to Please Spectators

Developing Skills in Stationary Pushing Hands
Six Harmonies of Hands, Body, Feet, Essence, Energy and Spirit
Basic Principles and Safety Precautions in Pushing Hands
How to Have Leverage Advantage in Pushing Hands
Standard Mode and Advanced Mode in Rolling Back
Age, Size and Gender are Not Decisive Factors in Pushing Hands
Safety First when Pushing or Excuting any Attack
Gaining Tactical Advantage by Maneuvering Opponent to an Unfavorable Hand or Leg Mode
Gaining Tactical Advantage by Pusing or Attacking Opponent from a Side
Enjoy Pushing or Being Pushed Around Irrespective of Age, Size and Gender

Defence against the Left and Right Push
How to Get to Opponent's Back and How to Neurtralize It
Proactive Tactics of Continuous and Confusing Attacks
Reactive Tactics of Immediate Counter and Interception
Pushing Hands Brings Many Benefits and a Lot of Fun
Progressing to Striking Hands where Techniques are Applied for Combat
Our Classes are Full of Fun and Laughter
Signature Taijiquan Tactic of Defence cum Counter
JUsing Tactics for Taijiquan and for Daily Life
Opening, Closingg or Deflecting Opponen's Attack while Countering

Wahb]nam Taijiquan Top, Middle and Low /?Strikes, and their Defences
Correct Spacing and Adequate Closing in Yellow Bee
Jade Girl is Beautiful to Watch as it is for Combat
Applying the Four Basic Hand Strikes and their Counters to Play with Boxer
Excellent Taijiquan Pattern against Kicks
Spacing, Timing and Body-Movement in Striking Tiger Poise
Striking Tiger Poise against any Kicks
Striking Opponent before he has Recovered from Previous Movement
Important Principles in Executing Kicks and in Countering Them
Learning How to Fell Opponents as well as How to Fall Safely

It is Delighful to see Dainly Ladies Throwing Hefty Men!
A Technique to Counter any Throws, and a Technique to Counter any Kicks!
A Formidable Chin-Na Attack and its Defence
Single-Hand Grips and Double-Hand Grips in Chin-Na Attacks
Marvels of Lifting Water and Grasping Sparrow's Tail
Mechanics of Fa-Jing using Single Whip
What Function does the Hook-Hand in Single Whip Serve?
Acting as Anchorage and Striking Vital Points
Grasping Sparrow's Tail and Different Types of Force
Black Bear to Fell Opponents and to Counter all Throws

Form One-Step Sparring to Sequence Sparring to Free Sparring
Free Sparring but Hits are Controlled
Applying Taijiquan against Street Fighters
Handling the Charges and Kicks of Street Fighters
Poise Patterns and Four Modes of Preparation
Asking the Way and Three Arrivals
White Snake in Continuous Attacks
Defence cum Counter and Other Tactics
Do you Know Why Taijiquan is often Performed Slowly?
What should You Do when your Opponent Hesitates

Wahb]nam Taijiquan Immortal Waves Sleeves in Three Different Speeds
Some Important Lessons inCombat Sequence 2
Fundamental Movements of Cloud Hands
Frm Cloud Hands to using Mind to Direct Form
Addition and Subtraction in Sparring Methodology
White Snake Shoots Venim as a Pattern, a Sequence and a Set
From Patterns to Sequences to Sets
What would You Do if you were Pressed to the Edge of a Cliff?
Combat Sequences 5 -- White Crane Flaps Wing
Progression of Combat Sequences in Combat Application

Making Good Use of Technical Advantages
Side-Step and Counter against Pressing Attack
An Effective Response against any Kick!
Combat Application Set 2 -- Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
What would You Do if your Kicking Leg is being Held?
Effective Kicking Attacks and their Defences
Simplicity and Profundity of Black Bear Sinks Hips
Counters against Muay Tahi Knee Jabs
Overwhelming Opponents with Pressing Attacks
Counters against Pressing Attacks

Mechanics of Shoulder Strikes
Starting Later Arriving Earlier
Combat Sequence 11 -- Cloud Hands
Making Kungfu Alive with Fierce Dragon
Combat Sequence 12 -- Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
Linking Sequences to Form a Set
Learning a Set in just One Day
Applying Combat Sequences in Sparring
Applying Kicks and Responding to them in Taijiquan Sparring
Taijiquan as an Internal Martial Art